IT Application

1.     Business Data Processingbusiness-data-processing-1-638

Business Data Processing constitutes the largest segment of computer used. Computer are used for all basic organizational tasks like

  • Management Transaction Processing
  • Control Operations
  • Decision Making

Computer assist Business and commercial organization in stock control, processing of sales order, sales accounting, sales analysis, market research, forecasting, production planning and many other business transaction. The computers these days are used by insurance companies and stock broking firms for updating information, calculation interest, policy rates, bonuses and commissions for preparing policy statements and renewal notices.

Transaction Processing System

Transaction Processing System is important for accurate accounting and immediate availability of online information. Computer helps to effectively and speedily handle large volumes of transaction.

2.     Medical Applicationmedical

Computers are use in medical research, in medical education and aiding people with limitation because of situation conditions.

Hospital Management System

The computer are increasingly used in Hospital administration for task such as maintaining inventories of drugs, surgical equipment, payroll, hospital accounting etc.

A number of medical diseases intelligence systems have been developed to diagnose diseases and recommend treatment. An intelligent system called “HELP” has been developed for heart diseases. Another intelligent package is “PUFF” which has been diseases. Another intelligent package is “PUFF” which has been designed for diagnosing Lung diseases.

3.     Scientific Applicationset_research_innovation

Application which involve mathematical, statistical, and model processing forms a large class of computer usage is referred to as Scientific Application.

Computers are being used in the field of genetic research. They can be used for statistical data analysis, for numerical solution of equations and for simulation of complex biological system on computers.

Computers are used in space technology and play a leading role in placing satellite in orbits, monitoring and controlling the proper functioning of space flight etc. Computers are used in weather forecasting and nuclear reactors.

4.     Educational ApplicationEducational-Application

Computer can be used a resource in teaching and learning at all levels of education. When a computer is used as teaching aid, it is known as Computer Aided Instruction (CAI). The learning process can be enriched in many subjects because of the volume and range of information which a computer data bank can provide. Learning process can be future facilitated because of the flexible mode (multimedia, etc.) and speed the pretention of learning material. Computer Based Training (CBT) is helpful to student no matter what is their level of subject mastery.

5.     Entertainment Application

Multimedia represents the convergence of computers, digital video, digital ns for and sound synthesis technologies. It can be caricel_data_cellphonereferred to as entertainment because its applications in interactive games and leisure programs. Telecommunication, Audio CD Player etc.

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