Information technology


The 21st century believer “Information is Power”. There are only two type of people in this world –one, who are informed and the second who are not informed. Information is a vital resource in development activities of any society. All our economic and social progress depends very significantly in the transfer of commercial, scientific and technical information. People in different situations require information on a subject in different forms and with different emphasis. The last century had seen lots of technology to manage the information. The term “Information Technology” or “IT” is the buzzword.

Information technology

To understand IT fully we will have to go through the following information is obtained through processing of data.

The storage, retrieval and processing of data become the essential resource for all economic and social exchanges.

Data is the recording of any meaningful event in any understandable form.

“The method used to collect and store the data, process the data into information and communication the information all over the world is Information Technology”.

Let us now take a detailed look into the meaning of data and information. We are aware that many events occur in organizations on a continuous basis. Some product is produced, some material arrives, and the amount in bill is paid. These are all examples of events that take in organizations.

Many of the events that occur are significant or meaningful to the organization. When an event is significant or meaningful, we record it. Data is nothing but the facts and figures that record meaningful events occurring in an organization.

Information can also be defined as processed data. Data is the raw material for producing information is the basis on which management take decisions. Though we can conceptually differentiate between data and information there is on strict demarcation between these two. What is data to one person could well be information to another. Data is processed according to requirement and suitable instruction that are given.


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