Important Information About Trees

Important Information About Trees

Important Information About Trees

The Trees are the oldest living organisms on Earth, and they never die due to the Age.

Every Year, 5 trees are being planted, but 10 trees are being cut every year.

One Tree Produce So much Oxygen in a day that 4 men can stay live.

If we talk about Countries, that have largest no of Trees in the world, are in Russia, after that in Canada then in Brazil, then US and after India who have only 35000000000 Trees left in India.

If we talk about the world, there are 422 trees left for 1 person. But if you talk about India, There are only 28 trees left for one Person.

The line of trees reduces dust-level to 75%. And reduce noise by up to 50%.

A Tree produces cooling equal to 1 A.C that is enough for 10 rooms for 20 hours. The area which is surrounded by trees is 9 degrees colder than any other areas.

Trees take 10% of their nutrients’ from the soil and 90% from the Air. Tree takes 2,000 liters of water in a year.

The trees Planted in one acre absorb so much Co2 in 1 year, as many cars leave on 41,000 km.

20% of the world’s oxygen is produced by the Jungle of the Amazon. These forests are spread over 8 Crore 15 lakh acres.

The trees also have cancer like humans being. After the Cancer, the trees produce less oxygen.

The tree’s roots can go very Deep in the Soil. In South Africa, the roots of a fig tree were found up to 400 feet below the earth.


The World’s oldest Tree Tzikkonam Which is 9550 year old and Its Roots length is about 13 feet in the soil.

It is difficult to Name single but basil, Peepal, Neem and Banyan Tree Produce more Oxygen than others Tree.

Save Trees and enrich the nation

Rajeev Kumar Jain
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