Classification of Computers

Computer can be classified on the basis of different factors such as circuits and the task performance capabilities.

Under this classification, computers have been classified into three categories:-

  1. Analog computers
  2. Digital computers
  3. Hybrid computers

1.     Analog Computers

Analog computer are specific type of computers i.e. they are made to perform some particular task only and not for all type analog-computerof work. It acts with a continuous data and does not communicate with number directly. These computers made only for testing and studying other existing system or for new system development.

Features of Analog Computers

  • It operates its job by measuring rather than counting.
  • It uses continuous signals rather than Discrete.
  • Example Thermometer, Speedometer, Hydrometer etc.

2.     Digital Computer

Digital computer is a digital system that performs various computational tasks. Digital computers use the binary number system, which has two digits i.e.0 and 1. Binary digits are called a bit. Information is represented in digital computer in-group disital-computerof bits. It performs several different tasks and is interactive in nature. If any error has been occurred we can terminate it due to interactive feature. This feature is not available in hybrid and Analog computers.

  • Digital computers coverts data into digits.
  • It operates essentially on counting instead of measuring.
  • It accepts information in the form of discrete pulses.
  • Used for business and scientific Applications.
  • Interactive in nature.
  • Most popular and widely used computers.

3.     Hybrid Computer

It is a combination of Analog computer used in continuous system and also non-linear discrete features of a digital computer such as storing values, logical operating and switching.hybride-computer

These computers are mostly used with process control equipment in continuous production plants like oil Refineries etc and computers. Areas of Application – Nuclear power plants, Mines etc.

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